Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Little About Me & Halloween Ghost Pops

So, I've finally caved in and decided to make my own blog! I really wanted somewhere where I could share my craft "treasures" and ideas with everyone, so Ta-Da- here it is! :)

Just a little about me-
My name is Shanna, I'm 21 and I'm a senior at St. Norbert College in De Pere,WI.
I'll be certified to teach 1st- 8th grade, when I graduate.
My boyfriend, Kurt, (also an ed major- imagine that!) and I will be moving abroad most likely somewhere in Southeast Asia...perhaps Malaysia? to teach.
I love traveling anywhere and everywhere and learning about new cultures. I've been to 6 countries but soon to be 8 (adding England & France in November).
I LOVE doing crafts and making things "pretty."
Disney World is my favorite place in the world and I'm obsessed with everything Disney, don't even get me started with princesses. Belle has always been my favorite!
HGTV is beyond addicting.
FRIENDS & How I Met Your Mother are the greatest TV shows.
"Tell me my dreams are unrealistic and I'll tell you yours aren't big enough"- my quote that I live by.

My wonderful family at Nicole & Nate's Wedding:

Kurt's Parent's (aka my second family):
Kurt & I

Since Halloween is creeping up on us, I have been searching for fun & easy crafts for kids since I work at the YMCA Before & After School Program. I remembered this ghost Pop craft that is super easy to make and it's both adorable and delicious!

What You Need:
1. Tissue
2. Googly Eyes
3. Ribbon
4. Sharpie
5. Tootsie Pop Suckers (or substitute with your preference)
6. Glue

  • First place the tissue around the pop so the all sides are even.
  • Then, tie the ribbon around the "neck" of the ghost.
  • Glue googly eyes on the head and draw face on with sharpie.
  • All done! These are great for parties, kids Halloween treats, or decoration, the options are endless!

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