Friday, October 9, 2009

Jewelry & Accessory Plaques

Jewelry Plaques

What you'll need:
Unfinished wood frame
wooden spools (different sizes)
acrylic paint
staple gun
wood glue
hot glue gun

How to Make:

1. Start by painting the frame with acrylic paint (at least two coats)
2. Next, after the paint is dry, flip over the frame. Cut a piece of ribbon to hold the frame (whatever length you desire) and staple it.
3. With the frame still flipped over, measure length you'll need for ribbon and arrange the pieces to your liking.
4. Hot glue the ribbon to the frame- make sure it's tight enough on each end.
5. Paint spools (this gets tricky, I'd recommend painting one side at a time)
6. When the spools are dry, glue them on with wood glue. Let the frames cure (my glue recommended 6 hours)
7. Ta-Da- Hang jewelry from the spools, use ribbon for earrings and clips and enjoy!!

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